SOC224 3.1 Lab 1: Installing SPSS


For these labs we will use the statistical package SPSS.

SPSS is one of the most widely used statistical packages in the world. It is owned by the famous company IBM.

The main advantage of SPSS is that it is user friendly - with point and click functions, like most Windows programs.

The disadvantages of SPSS are:

  1. It is expensive, especially once you graduate. A one year licence can be any where from $1000 to $10,000 per year.
  2. It has limited customisation and support for more advanced statistics. Unlike packages like Stata and R, SPSS lacks the ability to be easily customised, and because of this some of the most advanced or recent developments in statistics are not available, or are very expensive to buy.

To install SPSS, you will need to access via iLab: (if you are a Macquarie student)

The advantage of iLab is that it is free. The disadvantage is that you need to access via the internet, and sometimes it is a bit hard to transfer files in and out of iLab.

Installing iLab

  1. Visit and download a client

  1. Choose the appropriate client for your OS and click the link.

  1. Download VMWare Horizon View 4.0 Clients

  1. You may be asked again to choose the version. Choose the right version for your OS

  1. Download the file and run the installation

  1. After successful installation, you will see a screen like below. Then double-click “add Server” and type the name of connection server as “” in the popup window. After that, enter your login info.

  1. When you login to iLab, you will see a desktop like the one below.

  1. SPSS is located on the bottom row of the desktop icons (“IBM SPSS Statistics 25”)

  1. If you encounter technical difficulties, you may get a OneHelp ticket from the IT or bring your computer to the IT help desk located on the ground floor at 17 Wally’s Walk (C5C), Room 244.
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