SIOC224 3.2 Lab 2: Download + import your data + make a codebook


Before you analyse a quantitative dataset you need to

  • Step 1: download the data (generally from Qualtrics),
  • Step 2: make a codebook,
  • Step 3: import your data into SPSS.

Step 1 - How to download your data from Qualtrics

  1. Go to

  2. Type in your User ID and Password

  3. Click the Sign In button

  1. After Signing In, scroll down

  2. Click on the name of the survey you want to work on

  1. Click the “Data & Analysis”" tab

  1. Click the “Export & Import” icon, and then select “Export Data”

  1. A dialogue box will open and you will need to make some choices.

My recommendation is to choose:

  • Download as SPSS file
  • UNSELECT “Compress data as .zip file”

  1. Click the Download button

  2. Save dataset on your computer with some relevant name such as “Survey Data.sav”

Step 2 - Creating a codebook

A codebook tells you what the numbers in your dataset actually mean.

For example, if you have a “1” in the Gender variable, does it mean Male? Female? Other? or something else? In professional studies, elaborate codebooks are created.

However, for your data, you just need something to double check the meaning of the numbers in your dataset. So I’m going to teach you a simple method to create a basic codebook.

  1. On Qualtrics, go to the “Survey” tab, and then select the “Tools” button, and then “Import/Export” and “Export Survey to Word”

  1. A dialogue box will open up.

I recommend using the default options, except:

  • SELECT “Show Survey Flow”

  1. Click ‘Export’ and save our file with a sensible name like “Survey Codebook.docx”

If you open this Word document, you will see how next to each choice for a survey there is a number. For example, in the image below, you can see that “Under 18” is coded as “1”.

Step 3 - Importing into SPSS

  1. To get your datafile into iLab the easiest thing to do is to either (1) download from Qualtrics (but you can only do this the first time), or (2) email to yourself (by logging into your email inside iLab) or (3) using a USB drive.

  2. Go into iLab, and then open SPSS (see Lab 1).

  3. Close the first dialogue box that opens

  4. Go to File > Open > Data

  1. In the dialogue box that opens navigate and select your dataset.

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